“Cat’s knowledge of wellness, combined with her experiences shared as stories, engages her workshop participants authentically. She strategically weaves personal and small group activities into the presentation allowing hands-on connection with concepts shared. I recommend Cat as an engaging and value-added workshop presenter.” Lorraine T.

“Recently I attended Cat Coluccio’s “Rocking Wellness “ event for women in Christchurch. I’m so glad I went despite turning up by myself. From the moment I walked in, she made me feel so welcome and it was easy to connect with the other fabulous women. Cat has such a sincere and warm delivery as she shares from her personal story and all the wisdom she has earned through the years. She knows her stuff!! I left with some valuable information and practical ways to become healthier both emotionally and physically. What a lovely evening! Thanks Cat.” Susan S.

“Cat Coluccio, was one of our speakers at the inaugural HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference in Auckland, on the 29th February 2020 and held our audience captive with her story. She not only is an uplifting and inspirational speaker , but she infused her musical creativity into her presentation as well. If you are looking for speakers with an X-factor, I highly recommend Cat Coluccio.” Getrude M.

“I was privileged to hear Cat speak at a recent conference in California, and with just her opening line, my heart was moved. She has the ability to speak to directly to you, your thoughts, yes even in a crowded room of over 100 persons. Perhaps it was because I recognised her genuine desire to open up and be raw right off the bat, to be vulnerable, and to share. Or the simpler (and more potent) fact that Cat is such a relatable person. Honest. Authentic. Genuine.” Sheela G.

“Cat Coluccio is an inspiration to Midlife women, encouraging them to be their best self. She spoke at an event I hosted and her strength lies in her courage to be vulnerable. She has a powerful voice that resonates with the Midlife woman looking to rock her life.” Catherine O.

“A very down-to-earth lifestyle and well-being speaker. Cat provided NZCB with two fabulous presentations over 2 days. She was fantastic and a perfect fit for our event. She had such great integrity, energy and passion. She really inspired our audience and has rated well in the feedback. Feedback included ‘I really enjoyed Cat Coluccio. Some excellent knowledge ‘takeaways’.’ Kara F.

“I have been lucky enough to hear Cat speak – once at her own event and once when she was a guest speaker. Cat has a wealth of knowledge and a warm engaging way to get her message across to others and she is just a lovely person in general.” Leanne C.

“Cat’s Life ON-Purpose workshop was incredibly valuable for helping me review 2019, what worked for me, what didn’t and what I want for 2020. Also, I’m leaving with actionable steps to get started on achieving my goals for 2020!”  Shannon C.

“Cat is really welcoming and kind and spoke in a friendly manner, (as opposed to condescension or “know all.”) Her relatability was good and breadth of knowledge appreciated.”  Cindy

“It was fantastic to have Cat speak at the HerStory Global Women’s Empowerment conference – Auckland in Feb 2020. She spoke with confidence, connection, and her words resonated strongly with the attendees. Cat had a beautiful way of weaving her personal experiences into powerful lessons and takeaways for the audience. I would HIGHLY recommend Cat as a speaker, and know she brings a unique experience with her musical abilities.” Kirsty